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Offer of cheap accommodation in apartments in Warsaw and Poznan
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We have offices in Warsaw and Poznań - welcome.

Why choose Capital Apartments?

Capital Apartments are luxurious accommodations in two large Polish cities, Warsaw and Poznan. All are maintained to the highest standard, which ensures the most comfortable conditions for all our guests at a competitive price.
Our apartments are an ideal option for those who during their trips do not want to look for accommodation among local hotels and private apartments, and at the same time expect the highest standard of equipment, numerous amenities in the apartment itself, as well as additional services not available elsewhere.

Capital Apartments - a company with many years of experience

If you are looking for a comfortable apartment, Capital Apartments will be the best choice. Our consultants will gladly answer every question, comprehensively dealing with each client. We will provide a comfortable stay, individually tailored services and a guarantee of a luxurious, comfortable space.
Capital Apartments are extremely comfortable and atmospheric apartments located in the largest Polish cities, such as Warsaw and Poznan. Our apartments were created to welcome you at the highest level at an attractive price.
All our apartments are an excellent alternative to not always comfortable and cozy hotels. What distinguishes us is not only comfort and convenience, but also an excellent location (usually in the city center) and a large area of ​​apartments compared to hotels.